Special Features

Make Customer Insights Actionable

For important responses, consider β€œWhat action do I want to drive next?” You can end your survey with a call to action and direct users to a place they might find interesting. Learn more here.

Connect VoC data with existing Analytics for deeper learning. Instead of just seeing what happened, you can understand why it happened, making web analytics inherently more actionable. Work with the Pulse Insights team to integrate Pulse survey results with your analytics platform. For example, leading brands view conversion rates by the self-reported audiences and then use those new insights to release enhancements specific to low-performing audiences.

Let Pulse know if there are High-Value Actions you might want to track that are correlated with your survey responses. Pulse can track actions like pushing a button if it directs to a new URL that holds Pulse's tag. If there is an action that does not meet these criteria, Pulse can work with your tech team to listen for an event that triggers this tracking. Learn more here.

For example, you may want to know how many respondents said yes to finding what they needed on your site and then went on to press learn more about deals.

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