On Page Behavior

There are several page behaviors that you can target to trigger a survey to show, such as:

It is recommended that you only use one on page behavior trigger.

If you’ve chosen an inline widget-type, you do not need to use On Page Behavior targeting because your survey will show on a specific part of the page.

Time Delay

You can set a timed delay before your survey shows.

To set a time delay, check the checkbox for "Delay: Show after [ ] seconds" and enter a number (in seconds) in the input field.

We recommend 5 seconds or less. On average visitors, spend about 5 seconds on a webpage, so we recommend keeping the time low.

Consider how your widget interacts with the user’s experience. For example, if you’ve chosen an inline format, you probably do not need to delay showing the survey. If you’ve chosen an overlay, you may want to give the visitor a few seconds to absorb your page’s content before triggering your survey.

Scroll Delay

You can set a delay based on how far down the webpage a user scrolls.

Simply check the checkbox for "Scroll: show after user scrolls percent of page length" and enter a number percentage.

We recommend using between 10 - 20% scroll to trigger your survey, unless you are hoping to trigger near a specific piece of content (in which case, you may want to consider Content In View triggers instead). For example, perhaps you want to make sure someone read a piece of content that is about 20% down the page. Then we recommend setting scroll percentage at roughly 30%. You might consider how your widget interacts with the user’s experience. Inline widget types shouldn't have a scroll delay trigger since it will appear on a specific part of the page.

Exit Intent

Use Exit Intent targeting to rigger survey when user shows likely exit behavior (e.g. moving the mouse to exit the page).

Check the box for "Exit intent: show upon likely exit behavior"

This targeting is only available for desktop only.

Upon Element Click

Use this to show your survey after user clicks on a particular element on the page (this is configured using CSS selectors).

Content in View

show the survey after a particular element (CSS selector) scrolls into the viewport

Text in View

show the survey when a particular element contains (or does not contain) particular text.

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