Net Promoter Score

The Net Promotor Score (NPS) question type asks the user to choose a rating on a scale of 0–10 rating scale, "How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?".

Add a new NPS Question

To add a new NPS question, simply click on the "+" icon in the bottom right of the canvas and select "NPS".

Configuring the Question

The NPS question type is pre-configured to the standard question and 0-10 scale answers, but you can still configure the question to fit your needs.

Simply double click in the Question field to type/edit your desired question.

Note: Since NPS is a defined scale, you cannot edit, delete, reorder possible answers. If you'd like to ask a non-NPS scaled question, please use the Single Choice question type instead.

NPS Settings

These are question-level settings. The configurations you choose do not carry over to all questions, or all NPS questions in your survey. If you have more than one NPS question in your survey, you will need to make configure your desired settings for each individual question.

Answer Options

In this section, you can configure the number of answers per row for desktop and mobile. The default setting is 11 answers per row on desktop (so answers 0-10 displayed in one row), and 6 per row on mobile.

Additional Text

You also have the option to add additional text before and/or after the question, as well as labels for Before and/or after answers.

Using before/after answer labels is a great way to define the NPS scale. Use answer labels to define the lower and upper end of the scale. For example, set the lower end of the scale to be "Very Unlikely", and the higher end to be "Very Likely".

NPS Question Options

In this section, you can define empty error text. This only needs to be set if your survey will be shown in All-at-once mode with individual question empty error enabled. Please see "Question Display" section for more details. If this is not set, the default message will display (Required.).

Additional Content

You can optionally display custom content at the header or footer of the question. You can use the simple WYSIWYG editing or advanced HTML editing, complete with code beautification and line numbers.

This is a great feature to use to show any fine print or disclaimers.

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