Ask the right question in a way that inspires clients to answer!

Use Concise Language

We’ve seen 40%+ lift in response rates by optimizing question language to be more concise and in a more informal voice. Shorter text means lower cognitive load to answer, and is more respectful of users’ time.

Recommended limits:

Question Limit = ~70 characters

Answer Limit = < 25 characters

Were you able to accomplish what you came to do today? 👍 👎

In considering your visit today, on a scale from 1 - 5, please rate your ability to complete your primary purpose of visit.

Use informal voice, to the extent it’s brand appropriate.

When you write as you speak, users can relate to the questions and you can reach more reading levels.

What were you hoping to learn today?

In what ways could we optimize content to better suit your learning objectives?

Use fewer answer options.

Fewer options lift response rates up to 40%. The shorter text means a lower cognitive load to answer and looks better on mobile.

For rating scales, only use the number you will analyze. If you are only going to analyze good, neutral, or bad, only use 3 stars. Many companies combine “Top 2 Box” (4&5) anyway, so they don’t get benefit from the increased answers.

Please rate your experience:

Please rate your experience:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Ask 1 - 3 questions

This number is digestible, actionable, and gains higher response rates. You can iterate in the next survey.‍

Plan your copy & share your goals with Pulse

Pulse is happy to provide you with copy suggestions based on your goals. You can react to this and provide edits.


You can submit your copy ideas here as an attachment, and let us know your goals. A flow chart with your intended branching is best for planning (see below). You can also submit a word document or email if the flow is obvious.

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