Data Lake


Our solution offers seamless integration with your preferred data lake to facilitate the automatic transfer of submission data to your desired destination. Our integration architecture is flexible, and can accommodate customizations to suit your configuration, be it an Amazon S3 bucket, SFTP server, or another repository.

What the integration accomplishes

  • Uncover new insights by automatically importing response data into your organization's analytics or cloud platform to link data that only exists in your enterprise back-end.

  • More comprehensive analysis: By combining feedback data with other customer data sources, you can gain a more complete understanding of customer behavior, preferences, and sentiment.

  • Automate the collection and analysis: Reduce the time and resources required to gather insights and make data-driven decisions. Quick insights all in one place leads to faster and more effective decision-making.

Inputs we'll need from you

  • Destination (e.g. s3 bucket, sftp, etc.)

  • Authorization (e.g. API key, Access Key)

  • Desired Data Points (see standard list here)

  • Data format (e.g. csv, JSON)

  • Frequency (batch or near real-time)

  • Timing: what time window should we send the data?

  • File name

  • Control file

The above inputs can be shared with your CSM by filling out this form.

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