Custom Content (Next Best Action)

Show helpful content, links, and tools to guide users based on what a user just told you. Track how many users take advantage so you can quantify the value you're driving and the costs you're deflecting for your organization.

Custom Content enables you to display rich, immersive content in response to a survey answer. For example, if a user doesn’t understand something, can’t find something, or needs help, you can dynamically help the user by showing appropriate content.

Adding Custom Content

To add a new multiple choice question, simply click on the "+" icon in the bottom right of the canvas and select "Custom Content".

Start by naming the card by double clicking on the text area. Survey participants will not see this name, this is just for organizational purposes. This name is only for reference so you know the content without having to open up the Custom Content editor.

Next, click on “Settings”. This will open up a modal where you can edit your custom content card.

Custom Content supports executing JavaScript, which can be configured using the simple WYSIWYG editing or advanced HTML editing, complete with code beautification and line numbers.

You can also upload images, which are hosted on our CDN, Cloudfront.


There are several options available for the Custom Content card including:

  • Enabling a full screen take over, with configuration for a background color and opacity.

  • Auto close after n seconds

  • Auto redirect to a page after n seconds

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