Client Key

Client Key is an optional way for Pulse Insights to store a persistent identifier associated with a user, which unlocks a few key features:

Use Cases for Client Key

Cross-device linkage

Client key can link different browsers (e.g., home vs. work), devices, and channels so that Pulse Insights can decision at the person-level. For example, if a personal has already answered a particular survey on a home browser, Pulse Insights wouldn't serve it again in a different browser or device that shares the same client key, because the person has already answered it. Without Client Key, Pulse Insights would see the different browsers as independent.

Cross-device frequency caps

Pulse Insights can deploy its frequency caps features at a person-level, so that a person doesn't get over-surveyed, even if their visits are spread across different channels, devices, and browsers.

As a key for external system integrations

Often times, Client Key is a primary ID used to identify a user across systems in an organization. As such, it's used as a key to determine which record to update, say in a CRM system.

Syntax & Example

pi('identify_client', 'clientkey');

For example:


Validating Client Key Data

Validating In the browser

You can see Client Key values that were set in the current pageview in the PulseInsightsObject.

Client key values are also stored in local storage.

The client key is stored in PulseInsightsObject until an impression or submission occurs on that pageview. identify_client doesn't generate its own network call.

Once set on a device, it needn't be redefined on subsequent pageviews or visits.

Validating In reporting

Client key data will be in the Client Key column of the XLS and CSV exports from console.

Client Key FAQs

Can I use Context or Device Data to store our user identifier instead?

Yes. You only need to use Client Key if you want to use cross device linkage and frequency cap features. Integrations can be configured to utilize Context or Device data values as well.

Will the Client Key apply to previous impressions and submissions that occurred on that device before Client Key was defined?

Yes, in reporting and analysis, as the client key becomes associated with the Device UDID, including all past and future impressions and submissions. For decisioning (e.g., cross device frequency caps) and standard integrations, it is used going forward.

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