Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice questions enable the user to select one or more responses at a time. After the user selects the answer(s), the user clicks on the "Submit" button to submit their response(s).

Add a new Multiple Choice Question

To add a new multiple choice question, simply click on the "+" icon in the bottom right of the canvas and select "Multi Choice".

Configuring Question and Possible Answers

  • Double click in the Question field and type your desired question.

  • To add an additional possible answer, click on "Add New".

  • Double click in the possible answer field to type your desired answer text.

  • To remove a possible answer, click on the trash icon to the right of the answer.

  • To change the order of answers, click on the dots to the left of the answer and drag and drop the answer in the desired position.

Multi Choice Settings

These are question-level settings. The configurations you choose do not carry over to all questions, or all multi-choice questions in your survey. If you have more than one multiple choice questions in your survey, you will need to make configure your desired settings for each individual question.

Answer Order

For multiple choice questions, you can display the answers options in the order they are created and displayed in the question card, or you can choose to randomize the answer order for all responses.

Multiple Choice Options

In this section of the settings, you can:

  • Configure the number of answers per row for desktop and mobile

  • Enable and set the maximum number of allowed user selections

  • Customize error text for:

    • when the user selects more than the maximum allowed selections. The default message is "Maximum of x please." where "x" is the number of maximum selections set.

    • Empty error text: This only needs to be set if your survey will be shown in All-at-once mode with individual question empty error enabled. Please see "Question Display" section for more details. If this is not set, the default message will display, which is: "Required.".

    • Submit button text: The default value is "Submit" when this field is not filled out.

Additional Content

You can optionally display custom content at the header or footer of the question. You can use the simple WYSIWYG editing or advanced HTML editing, complete with code beautification and line numbers.

This is a great feature to use to show any fine print or disclaimers.

questions, you can set the maximum number of checkboxes the user can select. If you enable this option, you can enter the number of maximum responses a user can select (e.g. Select all that apply, up to 3).

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