The configurations in “Targeting” determine the circumstances that the survey is eligible to render.

In the Targeting Panel, you can:

  • Target specific Device Types

  • Set up display and suppressions rules for URLs, View Names, and Regex

  • Set a sample rate

  • Add survey start & end dates

  • Target users who answered previous surveys

  • Set up on-page behavior triggers

  • Set up user behavior triggers

  • Enable CRM targeting

  • Target specific geographical locations

  • Determine a submission goal

Targeting rules work in conjunction with the Pulse Insights tag. If the tag is not on a page, the survey will NOT be eligible to show, even if all the targeting criteria is met.

You can set up many targeting conditions, but we recommend keeping it simple.

Unless otherwise noted, targeting conditions set across sections are AND statements, not OR.

For example, if you set:

  • Display If rules in "URLs & Events" AND

  • On Page Behavior rules AND

  • Run dates AND

  • CRM targeting rules

then they survey will only display if ALL condition types are met (i.e. the survey will not display if any one of the conditions are met. If the URL matches display if rules, but the current date is outside of the start/end date range set, then the survey will NOT display).

Please visit the "Targeting" section of our Best Practices for our recommendations on targeting, or contact your Customer Success Manager for guidance.

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