With Automations you can set up an action for specific conditions. For example, you may want to set up an email alert when a survey respondent indicate that they're frustrated or confused. Or maybe you want to see how suboptimal help content impact returns. The possibilities are endless! Using Automations, you can trigger an email or track an event whenever there's a page view or survey submission.

How to Set Up

  • Select "Automations"

  • Fill out the details for your new automation:

    • Name & Status (this is where you can turn your automation on/off)

    • Condition type:

      • upon survey submission: select a question from the dropdown of Live survey questions, and type the criteria in the text input area. Every time a user answers the particular question with an answer containing the specified text, the automation conditions are met and the specified action will occur.

      • upon pageview/Pulse Insights tag initialization: If the user visits a URL that Is/Contains/Regex Matches (choose from dropdown) a URL (enter URL or regex in the text area).

    • Actions: What should happen when the set conditions are met? You can choose to send an email, or Track an Event.


The Automations Index is where you can view all of the automations that have been set up for your account. From here you can create new automations, and view, edit, or delete existing automations. The index lists the name of each automation, the status (on/off), the number of times the automation has been triggered, the date and time of the last time conditions were met and the action was triggered, and the action type (send email or track event).

To edit an automation, simply hover over the automation name in the Index, and select "Edit". From here you can turn the Automation Off/On, edit the name, conditions, and actions.

To delete an automation, simply hover over the automation name in the Index, and select "Delete".

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