Account Level Settings

There is a “Setup” dropdown in the top navigation. From here you can choose the following:
  • Get Code Snippet This is your unique code snippet for your Pulse Insights implementation. See implementation documentation here.
  • Global Targeting to manage impression frequency caps and IP suppression.
  • Data & Integrations Enable and manage survey callback code snippets: impression callback, viewed impression callback, Onanswer callback, Onclose callback and Oncomplete callback. See more information here.
  • Data Restrictions to manage data masking.
  • Themes allow you to customize colors, fonts, and backgrounds via JSON “themes” so the formatting matches your brand.
  • Automations & Events
  • Activity Log to view a running log of all account changes, the time and date of the change, and the user who made the change.
  • User Management to manage the users who have access to your Pulse Insights account, invite users, and assign access level. See the User Management section for more details.
  • Support - If you need help, please contact [email protected].