What the integration accomplishes

This integration enables you to take responses from Pulse Insights and insert them into the appropriate user's Hubspot record so you can personalize future marketing and servicing communications and experiences.

For example you might:

  • Capture a shopping preference and use that to personalize marketing emails

  • Capture a communication channel preference and then use that utilize the preferred channel

  • Capture data such as location or birthday to trigger or personalize offer emails

  • Capture feedback like satisfaction to inform models.

  • Capture email feedback like email relevance to suppress disinterested audiences

Pulse Insights will get the data into Hubspot. From there, it will be up to you to leverage that data to provide superior service and marketing.

Integration Flow


Email links that capture user feedback will need to ingest the Hubspot Contact ID in order to update the appropriate record in Hubspot. You can ingest the Contact ID by appending the following to the Pulse Insights links.


Learn more about link creation here.

Inputs we'll need from you

In order for us to configure the integration, we'll ask you tell us how you'd like it to work via this form.

  • Endpoint details

  • Access Token (if this changes frequently, we will need to know updated Token to avoid interruption in data send)

  • Object Type (e.g. "Contacts) and Group (e.g. Contact Activity)

  • UserID (often Please see more details on Client Key here.

  • Property Name/Label of where the data will be hosted

  • Field Type (e.g. single-line text or Number)

  • Frequency (batch or near real-time)

  • Update or create

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