Question Display

There are 2 options for how to display your survey. One question at a time, or all questions displayed at once. Surveys are displayed one question at a time by default. To configure question display, navigate to the Formatting tab of the right side panel in the survey editor. The settings will be located in the "Question Display" section of the formatting tab.

One at a Time

This is the default and most common display for survey questions. The user will be presented with one question at a time and proceed to the next question (if any) upon answer submission. You can also set the question order for one-at-a-time surveys by choosing one of the following from the dropdown menu:

  • Not randomized (default): The order of the questions will display in the order in which you explicitly set in the editor. Use question routing to set the survey flow. For more details on routing, see here.

  • Randomized: there is no question routing, the questions will display in random order when the survey is rendered for end users.

All at Once

All at once surveys are similar to a form where all questions in the survey will be shown at the same time with a button to submit all questions responses at once. If you choose to display your survey All-at-once, you can also configure:

  • Submit Button Text (optional) - the button will default to "Submit" if this is left blank.

  • Enable Empty Error (optional) - this feature enables error messages to display under each question that is unanswered (instead of just one error message displayed below the submit button). Each question's empty error message can be set in the individual question's settings. "Required" is the default error message if it is not customized in the question settings.

  • Error Text (optional) - this is the error message that displays below the submit button. The default error text is that will display if this is not set is "Please fill answers".

  • Question order

    • Not Randomized (default): The questions within the form will show in the order in which they appear in the canvas, from top to bottom. To reorder the question order, simply drag and drop the question(s) in their desired location.

    • Randomized: The questions within the form will show in a randomized order when the survey is rendered for end users.

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