Load Time & Availability

If you need production support help now

You can:

  • write support@pulseinsights.com

  • call 888-718-6860

  • write your client success manager (US business hours)

Pulse Insights was designed to be highly performant and available. We understand that our tag's availability and speed can impact your business metrics and take that responsibility seriously.

Details about how our tag works

The Pulse Insights Library (surveys.js) is hosted on a CDN

This places the file near your users to reduce network latency and provides high redundancy in case of any individual server downtime.

The Library (surveys.js) is compressed

This minimizes transfer times on slower connections.

The Library loads async

This makes sure that it doesn't prevent other content from loading or other scripts from executing.

Pulse Insights logs all response times from endpoints such as requesting surveys, questions, etc.

This enables us to monitor response times by endpoint and client account. Internal alerts are configured if response times exceed a threshold, so we can investigate.

Pulse Insights relies on local storage instead of cookies

Every time a page is requested, every cookie is sent along with the request, creating unnecessary overhead. So, Pulse Insights utilizes local storage as an alternative.

Please see our Privacy section as it relates to using local storage instead of cookies.

Performance and Availability FAQs

Can we host the surveys.js library on our CDN instead of Pulse Insights' CDN?

Yes. Please ensure that it stays up to date with the latest version to prevent potential issues where the library and endpoints are incompatible.

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