Privacy Features

Pulse Insights maintains privacy-related features and processes to work within your organization's privacy requirements.

For markets and websites that require explicit user consent: we recommend using your cookie consent solution to load the Pulse Insights tag only after the user has given consent.

If user revokes consent, you can use this method to inform Pulse Insights:


This does the following:

  • Clears any Pulse Insights values in local storage

  • Turns off local storage, so that Pulse Insights won't store any identifiers (e.g., Device UDID) or other data like number of visits or pageviews in session. View what is stored in local storage.

You can enable storing identifiers in local storage with this method:


By default, when the Pulse Insights tag is loaded, tracking is set to true. It only needs to be explicitly set to true if it was previously explicitly set to false.

Privacy FAQs

If you still load the Pulse Insights tag, Pulse Insights will continue to function but some features that rely on local storage will not work. For example:

  • Some targeting such as frequency caps, visit counts, pageview counts, or 'don't show again if the user already answered' won't work since they all rely on having a device udid or values in local storage.

One use case that can still work well without tracking enabled is a Customer-Initiated Feedback form, where the user explicitly requests to give feedback.

Reach out to your Client Success Manager who can help guide you.

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