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Export Results

A modal will pop to show you the status of the download.

Once your report is reading you can click “Download the report” link to download the file. A copy of the report will also be sent to your email.

The export file contains the following report sheets:

  • Survey Metadata: Survey name, author, reporting date range, date of report generation

  • Aggregate results by day: the following metrics aggregated by day:

    • Impressions

    • Viewed Impressions (if enabled)

    • Submissions

    • Submission Rate

  • Questions/Response Summary Report: number of submissions per question and per response. This breakdown also shows the percentage (or share) that a particular response has in comparison to total responses.

  • Individual Rows: Each row in this sheet is an individual response. If a survey has multiple questions, then each response will be displayed as its own row.

  • Devices: This sheet displays similar data to the Individual Rows sheet, but responses are grouped by device. So instead of each response displaying as its own individual row, the Devices tab groups all responses made from the same device. If a survey has multiple questions, all responses to the survey will display in one row for each device.

For definitions of each data point, please visit our Data Dictionary.

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