Viewable Impressions

Viewed impressions differ from regular impressions - this metric is how many times a survey was returned and seen by a user.

For surveys with display triggers (such as Page Behavior targeting - display after n seconds on page, after user scrolls n% of page, after user clicks on a certain element, etc.), sometimes a survey is returned and eligible to show (an impression), but the user does not complete the action required to trigger the survey.

The viewed impressions metric takes into consideration whether or not the user has completed the action necessary (e.g. scroll, click, exit behavior, etc.) to actually see the survey.

Viewed Impressions are used to calculate Submission Rate on days when the feature was enabled for the entire day, otherwise regular Impressions are used.

Blended impressions combine regular and viewed impressions for a date range when the Viewed Impression feature was not enabled for the entirety of that range. The "Blended" total is used in the aggregate Submission Rate calculation for the date range.

If your survey is an inline widget, or if there are display triggers, you may want to consider enabling Viewed Impressions for your account.

This feature is configured by Pulse Insights. For more details on Viewable Impressions, or if you'd like to enable viewable impressions for your account, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

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