There are several options for previewing your survey:

In-Console Preview

This is a good preview option to use as you are making survey edits and want to quickly reference how your survey looks and flows.

Live Preview

This is a more "true" preview as it renders the survey on your website and you fan see how it looks amongst the environment of the whole page.

While in Live Preview mode, the survey displays surveys with a status of “Draft” for your browser, but other live users on your site will not be able to see the survey while in Draft mode.

In Live Preview Mode, answers are not stored in your reporting, so you don’t need to manually remove any test responses. Non-production data is not sent to your other systems because custom data callback code does not execute in Live Preview mode.

To view a survey in Live preview mode, two requirements must be met:

  1. The Pulse Insights code snippet must be present on the page.

  2. The survey in question must be configured to display on that page. The survey’s URL targeting must include the page that is being tested.

From the Editor:

Upon clicking Live Preview button, you’ll be asked for the URL you’d like to view. Click "Preview" and the URL you entered will open in a new tab and display the survey.

From Your Website

You can also turn Live Preview mode on by appending ?pi_live_preview=true to any URL that contains the Pulse Insights code snippet.

You can turn off Live Preview Mode by appending ?pi_live_preview=false to the URL.

Your browser will remain in live preview mode until the browser is closed. We recommend previewing in an incognito window.

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