The main canvas is where you build and configure your survey. You can add and remove survey question and answers, fine-tune settings for each question, and determine the order in which the questions display.

When you create a new survey, you will see the "Survey Begins" endpoint, connected to a Single Choice Question card, and a Thank You message.


Routing is how you define the follow-up question. The next question is determined by the routing lines that connect question cards. For some question types, you can connect each possible answer to a specific next question by clicking on the answer's endpoint on the right and dragging a routing line to the endpoint of the desired next question card (on the left of the question card).

To delete a connection between an answer and the followup question, simply click on the connecting line and hit the delete/backspace button on your keyboard.

If there isn’t a branching line drawn, the default next step is the “Thank You” message.

Question routing is not applicable for "All-at-once" surveys. Please see "Question Display" for more details about All-at-once surveys.

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