Presenting a specific survey

For instances where you would like to bypass the targeting engine and control when a survey is displayed, such as when a user clicks a "give feedback" link, you can use the Present method.

Three ways to use the present method

By using a specific survey ID

pi('present', '1234'); // Where 1234 is the ID of the survey you'd like to present

You can find the ID of a survey in Console. If you are a developer that doesn't have access to Console, you can ask your Client Success Manager to help you.

By using a Present Alias

A Present Alias enables you to use a name instead of a Survey ID. This gives you the flexibility to change the survey that will trigger in Console, without having to update your code to swap the Survey ID.

pi('present', 'alias');
For example
pi('present', 'feedback_form_us-en');

By using a query string parameter in the URL

For cases, where you're linking to a page and want the page to trigger a specific survey on page load, you can append the following query string into the URL:

By Survey ID: //where 1234 is the ID of the survey

By Present Alias:

Common Use Cases For Using Present Method


Feedback tabs or footer links

Redirect links from email surveys that should display a Thank You message or follow-up survey

Use the query string parameter ?pi_present for this use case

Button clicks that should trigger a survey

You can also listen for button clicks without using the present method using Console targeting.

For events that are visible to the back-end but not to the client

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