Supporting Inline surveys

An inline survey is a survey that looks and acts like part of the page. Users get frustrated with various popups as they browse, so inline surveys are a great way to capture feedback contextually in a way that doesn't feel like an interruption or afterthought.

Pulse Insights needs a Target CSS Selector (configured in Console) to insert inline surveys.

The positioning of inline surveys is dictated by their Target (CSS selector), Location (Above/Inside/Below) and, if located inside the target, the Order with Target (First/Last).

See more details in the Formatting section of Console Configuration.

Inline Survey FAQs

Do I need to create a specific div to host inline surveys?

<div id="pulse-survey"></div>

In most cases, you don't need to create an empty div. As long as there is a consistent CSS selector, that will suffice.

There are two cases where it is helpful to have a dedicated div to host the surveys:

  • the survey is targeted to show across multiple pages and not all pages contain the same CSS selector

  • the structure of the page changes (e.g. different page content for customers vs. prospects)

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