AI Generated Summary

Introducing our latest survey analysis tool: AI-generated summaries!

As the volume of free-text responses grows, understanding and distilling insights become increasingly challenging. We're thrilled to unveil a reporting feature that leverages cutting-edge AI to provide concise paragraph summaries of free-text feedback.

You can now effortlessly grasp the essence of the most recent responses directly on the survey Results page. A simple click generates a comprehensive summary within seconds.

This tool also comes in handy for summarizing responses across different markets. The AI Summary tool quickly summarizes non-English responses into clear, concise English summaries. Elevate your survey analysis with this game-changing feature and unlock unparalleled insights effortlessly!

To Generate a Summary:

  1. Navigate to the Results page of a survey that includes a Free Text question-type.

  2. Scroll down to the free text question you would like to summarize.

  3. Click on the button and then the AI-generated summary paragraph will appear!

The summary will stay there if you navigate away and come back later, and will persist until you generate a new summary to replace it. The AI summary tool can even summarize non-English responses into an English summary!

Please contact your CSM to learn more and to enable this feature!

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