Single Page Apps

Pulse Insights handles single page apps natively with no additional changes or modifications on your part.

On State Change

State changes are treated like new pageviews, and Pulse Insights will evaluate whether a survey is eligible to be returned on each state change.

Don't re-load the Pulse Insights tag on each state change. It adds unnecessary overhead and could even interfere with proper functioning.

Some browser have a back forward cache that preserves the state of the page when users navigate via back/forward buttons. In this case, the page doesn't call Pulse Insights again. Since Pulse Insights wasn't called, we won't increment an impression or evaluate frequency caps, but the user experience will perform as expected.

For tags deployed prior to 2019 intending to use Single Page Apps

We recommend adding the following line to your code snippet above 'get', 'surveys'.

pi('pushBeforeGet', true);

This command will push the state before making the serve call for surveys and will ensure that the serving logic is using the latest URL for survey targeting.

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