Dynamic Email

Dynamic Email addresses some of the inherent limitations of email technology, and enables a far richer survey (and overall email) experience. However, because it is a new standard, not all ESPs or email clients support it.

Key differences between HTML email and “Dynamic Email Surveys

Dynamic email surveys provide a rich, personalized, web-like experience in email.

HTML Email SurveysDynamic Email Surveys

Survey/campaign is hardcoded in the email as links.

Survey/campaign is dynamically displayed within the email. A code somewhat parallel to a website tag is placed in the email to enable it.

Clicking any answer (or any link in the email) opens up a web browser window.

Clicking an answer does not open up a web browser/new tab. Answer is captured within the email and without the need to pop open a new window.

You can only show one single-choice question in the email. Any followup questions need to be shown and completed on the web landing page.

You can have multiple questions inside the email itself

Question branching is not supported (only one question is supported)

You can have dynamic question branching, like on web.

Can only ask a single choice question in-email.

Multiple question types are supported, including free text. For now, the first question needs to be a single choice question.

User responses are tracked via custom links the client will embed in their email.

User responses are tracked via a code snippet from Console, without leaving the email.

Getting your Dynamic Email code snippet

You can find your code snippet in Console under Settings > Get Code Snippet > Dynamic Email.

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