Customer-initiated Feedback

Customer-initiated feedback enables users to provide you with proactive feedback from wherever they are on your website. Implementing customer-initiated feedback is a great way to ensure that you are always listening to your customers.

The User Experience

On every page of your web experience, an invitation for users to give proactive feedback will display. The two most common mechanisms for inviting feedback are a fixed feedback tab docked to the side of the browser or a link in the footer of your web and mobile web experiences.

When a user clicks the invite, a modal All-at-once (AAO) survey will appear to collect the user's feedback.

How customer-initiated feedback works

Customer-initiated feedback is comprised of two key components:

  1. The on-page invitation has an on-click behavior to trigger the appropriate feedback form using the Present Method. This method optionally passes data, such as the market and language.

  2. The survey(s), which are typically configured to use AAO mode to resemble a form, are displayed as a modal widget.

Your code snippet

In order to display the feedback tab or footer link, Pulse Insights will modify your code snippet.

If you'd prefer to control the footer link or feedback tab, Pulse Insights will give you the JavaScript method necessary to enable trigger the feedback modal upon the user's click.

Recommendations for what to capture

Common fields include:

  • Feedback category: Create a dropdown menu so that you can contextualize and route the feedback internally. For example, users might choose between:

    • App, website, in-store location, etc.

    • Returns, Product Pages, Search/Browse

  • A comment field to capture the proactive feedback that users want to give

Customer KPIs that measure website performance, such as:

  • Intended task or the primary purpose of their visit

  • The user's ability to complete their primary task

  • Audience profile

  • Satisfaction with the website or brand

We recommend limiting the number of KPI data points to one or two, if feasible, to minimize the friction of users providing you feedback.

Results may be biased by the fact that customer-initiated feedback is proactively given. Despite the bias, results still provide value and trend analysis over time.

Inputs we'll need from you

In order to configure customer-initiated feedback on your behalf, we'll ask you about:

  • User experience of the on-page invite (tab, feedback link)

  • If and how your mobile web experience differs from desktop

  • Who will host the on-page invite (Pulse Insights or you)?

  • Questions and formatting decisions for the feedback form, so we can configure it on your behalf

  • If your implementation is global or multi-language. If so, we will need the method for identifying the market and language

  • Any contextual data you'd like to ingest, such as authentication status

  • Any special reporting or integration needs for the data

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