Survey Tags

You can optionally add tags to your survey for organizational purposes. You can filter by specific tags in the survey dashboard. For example, you can tag a survey with "Staging" to indicate a survey that is being QA'd on your staging site.

To apply a tag to a survey, click on the input area and select your desired tag from the dropdown menu. You can apply more than one tag to a survey. The dropdown menu will only show existing tags.

To create a new tag click "Manage Tags", then "New Tag". Enter the name of the tag and hit "Save". The newly created tag will now show in the dropdown and as a filter option on the survey dashboard page.

Audit Log

You can view recent activity for a particular survey by going in the editor, clicking the "General" tab in the right side panel. The last few changes are displayed in the "Audit Log" section.

Click the "More" button to see up to the last 10 changes. Click "See All" in the modal to see all changes in the Audit Log.

Please see the section on Activity Log for more details.

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