High Value Actions (Events)

High Value Actions

Most websites and apps have actions that marketers and product owners want to drive, like submitting a lead form, buying something, downloading something, or enrolling in a newsletter. We call these events High Value Actions (HVAs). ā€ Pulse Insights can track these High Value Action events directly and correlate them with user responses, right from within our platform.

Pulse Insights already captures vast data on what is inside users' heads as they progress through their customer journey, such as:

  • Are they finding the information they need to make a purchase decision?

  • What audience(s) do they identify as?

  • Are they satisfied? ā€

Our High Value Actions functionality enables you to correlate this qualitative data with any of the quantitative/behavioral counterparts that we capture in the platform, on-demand.

For example, you might learn:

  • How missing product information impacts conversion

  • What is our conversion rate by self-reported funnel stage?

  • What is our conversion rate by each self-reported audience segment?

  • How does suboptimal help content impact returns?

  • How does brand affinity correlate with conversions?

  • The possibilities are endless!

Create an Event

Pulse Insights can watch for a particular URL pattern that signifies that a user performed a High Value Action. For example, if a user lands on a URL containing /thank-you/, it might mean they purchased something.

To set up an event in the Pulse Insights Console:

  • Select "Automations"

  • Fill out the details for your new automation:

    • Name & Status (this is where you can turn your automation on/off)

    • Condition type:

      • upon survey submission: select a question from the dropdown of Live survey questions, and type the criteria in the text input area. Every time a user answers the particular question with an answer containing the specified text, the automation conditions are met and the specified action will occur.

      • upon pageview/Pulse Insights tag initialization: If the user visits a URL that Is/Contains/Regex Matches (choose from dropdown) a URL (enter URL or regex in the text area).

    • Actions: Select the "Track an Event" option from the Action Type dropdown menu. Give you event a name and event properties.

Or you can have your technology team use our JavaScript library to inform Pulse Insights explicitly about the High Value Action.

View Existing Events

To view events that have already been set up for your account:

  • Select "Events"

  • You will see the Events index, which displays:

    • the Event name

    • Count: the number of times the event has occurred

    • Latest: the date and time of the last time event has occurred

    • Action: click "Delete all" to delete all tracked events.

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