Global Targeting

User-level Frequency Capping

You can enable user-level frequency capping to restrict the number of times a single individual is shown a survey. You can set the maximum number of impressions and the period for which the user won’t exceed the max number.

Check the box and then enter the number of maximum impressions to show and the number of days, hours or minutes (select time interval via the dropdown menu).

At the end of the period, the counter resets and the user will be eligible to see survey impressions again.

If you'd like a specific survey to ignore the frequency capping rules set at the account-level, you can check "Ignore frequency cap" in the survey's targeting configuration (in the "Advanced Settings" section). Please see our Targeting section for more details.

IP Suppression

You can also create a list of IP addresses to block on your account. This feature is typically used if you don’t want internal employees of your company answering surveys.

Pulse Insights will prevent Live surveys from displaying on those IPs for any survey in Live status. Draft surveys can still display while in Preview Mode so you can still QA surveys.

Redirect Domain Whitelist

If you are using direct submission links and redirecting the user to a landing page (e.g. for surveys in an email), then you must whitelist the domain of the landing page here.

  1. Type in the domain(s) you wish to whitelist (1 per row)

  2. Click "Update"

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