Dashboard & Program Management

Survey Index

The dashboard includes an index table of all of your surveys. Each row shows the survey’s:

  • Name - Name of the survey.

  • Survey Status - see Survey Status for more details on types of statuses and how to change a survey's status.

  • Metrics - such as Impressions, Submissions, Submission Rate (Note: The default date range for metrics shown in the Survey Index is "All-Time". You can use the date range filter in the left side panel to change the date range, or view the survey's Results page for a more detailed look at metrics and more filtering options.

  • Goal - Submission goal for the survey.

  • Last Submission - Date of the last submission.

  • Last Change - Date of the last edit to the survey

  • Edited By - Name of user who made the last change to the survey.

You can sort the table by clicking on the column header names. You can also left click on the column header names to display a menu where you can show/hide columns (see image below).

From the dashboard you can:

  • User-level account settings - Click on your name in the top right corner to reveal a dropdown where you can change your name & account password, set up Scheduled Reports, or Logout. If you have multiple accounts associated with your email, then all your accounts will be listed in this menu and you can switch between those accounts using this menu.

Filter Side Panel

You can filter the dashboard view down to the survey list you'd like to see. In the filtering panel, located on the left side of the Dashboard, there are several options for filtering down the surveys in the survey index.

  • Search - You can use the search box to search for a specific survey name or survey ID.

  • Date Range - You can filter the metrics displayed in the survey index by using the date picker. You can select a specific date range, or use the provided shortcuts: Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, All-Time. Note: the date range is set to All-Time by default.

  • Status - Select/deselect statuses to view/hide surveys with that status from the Dashboard view.

  • Tags - Display surveys with specific tags (e.g. "Staging", "Product Page", "A/B Test", etc).

  • Created By - See surveys created by specific users.

  • Last Edited By - See surveys last edited by a specific user.

  • Last Changed - See surveys edited within your selected date range.

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